Who is the PR Doctor?

I am an experienced expert and coach in communications and marketing with over 25 years of experience. I have advised global leading brands, public institutions, small family companies, startups and personalities with how to communicate, how to manage crisis situations, how to create your original story. In a nutshell, how to differentiate from others on your way to success. PR DOKTOR offers an AD HOC analysis of your communications, which results in strategic and practical recommendations, how you can improve, what topics to communicate, what tools to use, how to manage negative topics.

You can find out more about my experience HERE.

Who is NOT the PR Doctor?

This is not an offer of ongoing PR services. It is not a competition to your current PR agency or in-house PR / marketing expert. It is an ad-hoc consultancy service in the form of strategic mentoring.

PR Doctor can help you if you are...

Small company / family company with in-house PR

You need advice on whether your existing channels and communication formats are effective, achieving maximum synergies between PR and marketing, your communication helps to reach your company business goals. You want advice on how to differentiate from the competition and what topics and how to communicate to engage your target group.

Startup / entrepreneur with in-house PR

You need advice on how to set up PR communication, what effective tools to use with a limited budget for PR and marketing. You want to get basic training on how to do PR yourself while reaching the right target group and achieving business goals. You need advice how to work with local media and influencers.

Public institution / non-profit organisation / NGO

You have your own marketing or communications department, but you are looking for an external feedback. You want advice on how to design proactive storytelling as well as reactive crisis communication, how to set up media relations and how to properly address the public.

Corporation that has a PR agency

You want a fresh and independent view of your communication, its formats, topics and results compared to the competition. You want to check if you are missing communication opportunities and how to improve communication if necessary. In your case, it is an audit on our part, from which recommendations for your future communication will emerge.

Foreign company considering entering the Czech market

You do not know the local environment, you want to set up communication and find the right communication channels, suitable media through which to reach your potential customers. You want advice on what opportunities and limitations the local market offers and how to communicate effectively here.

Politician or a public figure aiming to gain visibility

You need advice on how to set up PR communication, what effective tools to use with a limited budget for PR and marketing. You want to be prepared for potential crisis situations and respond properly. You want to communicate key messages in interviews well and know how to best use the media to your advantage to build a reputation.

What steps we take?

  1. You fill in a short questionnaire.
  2. We hold a short introduction call (1-2 hours) to identify your needs.
  3. I conduct analysis with my team - focusing on your media visibility and the entry data.
  4. We hold the final meeting (in-person or online), where I go through all my recommendations with you. I explain how to ideally set up and manage your communication, I will describe in detail my external point of view on your organisation and its PR, I will answer all your potential questions.

What will you gain?

As a result you receive a strategic document, which includes:

  • SWOT analysis
  • proposed communications strategy
  • recommendations on topics and stories
  • recommended communications channels
  • tools, how to face potential crisis or issues
  • tips how to handle media and journalists

The whole process takes about 3 weeks. Price for the complete service is 47.000 CZK (excl. VAT).

Deirdre McBein, 3M

Milan is extremely bright, creative and energetic and also a very strong strategic thinker He inspires teams with his enthusiasm, but at the same time ensures that all communications activities bring synergy, are measurable and support business goals He stood out among his peers in the Czech PR community and his intelligent leadership of a very talented team brought us some excellent results.

Marjorie Espiritu, World Bank

It was a pleasure meeting you and your wonderful team in Prague Your professionalism is commendable and we owe the success of the Conference with the excellent service that you had provided.

Libor Kytýr, Zentiva / Sanofi

I have known Milan for more than 6 years now He is an accomplished professional willing to provide independent opinion and advice I have experienced him in his capacity as advisor personally Milan is the right person to turn to.

Milan M. Deutsch

Milan is an expert in communications and PR with over 25 years of experience in international PR. He has managed one of the leading PR agencies in Europe for 14 years (MMD, later on Grayling) with offices in 18 markets in the CEE region. In his position he advised the global leading brands, such as Google, Nokia, Intel, IBM, Danone, Dell, Visa, Xeros and many others. In 2010 he established his own communications butique agency EMD consultants, which consists of senior experts with 15+ years of experience in PR and media. Client portfolio of the consultancy includes global corporations, as well as family businesses and startups (such as World Bank, HSBC bank, Moser, Xerox, Zentiva, Snofi, CzechInvest, IKEA and others). Milan coaches communications people and top managers of companies, while he also lectures PR to public sector representatives and university students.

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Milan M. Deutsch
tel: +420 775 556 587